Report of KHO- KHO tournament 2018
The 1st Maharshtra College of Pharmacy inters class Kho – Kho Tournament D Pharmacy, and B pharmacy was conducted at MCP ground on 14th & 15th February 2018, 144 Participants from 6 classes participated in the competition. Out of which 6 were boy’s teams’ and 6 were girl’s teams.
The function was Inaugurated on 14 th Feb 2018 by Sri.Vijay Patil Nilangekar, Vice President, MSS, Nilanga Principal Dr B N Poul, and Dr C M Jangme MCP Nilanga, The other members present were Dr Lalit Sonawane, HOD Quality assurance Mr S V Garad HOD Pharmacognosy, Mr C V Panchal, Mr S U
Hanpude,Mr G M Tarange, Mr A A Aute, Mr R R More Mr S P kumbhar, Mr Suraj Wakode, Mr Ram Phad, Mr M A Shetkar, Mr Mrs A A Tagarkhede, Mrs Preeti Makane, MRs Nanda Bhalke.