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Year View
Student Council 2017-2018
Student Council 2013-2014
Student Council 2012-2013

Following Committees are formed. The Members are appointed for respective work

Sr. Name of Comitee Name and Mobile No.
1 Grievances of staff and students Committee
Dr S S Patil 9423201418
Mr S U Hanpude 9423240584
Mr S S Dudhmal 9423615187
Mr C V Thakare 9421366853
2 Women Empowerment and sexual Harassment
Mrs Aruna Tagrakhede 8600210463
Mrs Pusha Shinde
Dr Bhagwat N Poul 9922271111
Shrimati K R Badure
Mr V N Karbhari
Dr Sharad Patil
3 Anti Ragging Committee
Mr M A Shetkar 9823807484
Dr C M Jangame 9422819440
Mr S S Dudhmal 9423615187
4 Right to Information Committee D.Pharmacy
Dr Bhagwat N Poul Information officer 9922271111
Mr A M Muladkar
5 Right to Information Committee B.Pharmacy and M .pharmacy
Dr Bhagwat N Poul Information officer 9922271111
Dr S S Patil 9423201418
6 Governing Council
Dr Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar - President 02384242041
Shri Vijay Patil Nilangekar - Vice President 9960280808
Shri B B Sartape - Member 9421482931
Shri Vasantrao Jadhav -Trust Nominee
Dr Mahesh Shivankar - Govt Nominee 02402334216
Dr U Ramesh _Nominee of AICTE
Dr Abhay Wagh (MSBTE Mumbai ) / Dr B B Patil (SRTMU Nanded)- Nominee of affiliating Body 02402334025 /02462 229 242
The Register MSPC Mumbai Nominee of PCI
Mr Y Rajeev-St Jude Medical India Hyderabad -Nominee of Industry 8886201799
Shri A M Muladkar / Dr S S Patil - Nominee of Faculty 9890692163 /9423201418
Shri C V Thakare / Dr Lalit Sonwane-Nominee of faculty 9421366853 /9823251222
Dr B N Poul - Member secretory 9922271111