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Cricket Tournament 2013
Event Date : 25-10-2013

Organizing Details
Students secretary
Mr.Name of the Student Secretary
Faculty In Charge
Mr.Name of FAculty Incharge
  • Adsule Dipali Kondiram
  • Agrawal Akash Rajesh
  • Atnure Rupesh Ramrao
  • Baheti Namrata Radhakishan
  • Bansode Ganesh Vijay
  • Bayakewar Yadav Maroti
  • Bhusalwad Sairam Rajesh
  • Biradar Satish Vijaykumar
  • Budale Akash Ashok
  • Chavan Ambadas Kisan
  • Dakre Pratibha Manohar
This manual will serve to provide all information for the Gymkhana Grid (GG) racing series. This edition will show all rules, regulations, conduct, procedures and official duties of all members, officials, drivers/teams, and all associates providing services for GG.

At race events, the GYMKHANA GRID event Chief Steward, or Race Director (CHIEF STEWARD) has authority for the conduct of all competition aspects of the event. He/She reports to the President of GYMKHANA GRID, with all other Race Officials reporting to him.
Result of Tournaments
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