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1 29-07-2017 Hon'ble Shri Ashokraoji Patil Nilangekar Saheb, Birthday celebration # Maharashtra College of Pharmacy Nilanga # पिपंळ - 60 # बकुळ -३० # चाफा -१५ # Tree Plantation # Gracious presences #
Shri Vijay Patil Nilangekar, faculty, staff, students of D Pharmacy, B Pharmacy and M Pharmacy.
2 25-03-2017 National Seminar on "career Avenues in Pharmacy "@ Annual Social Gathering Prize Distribution Ceremony on 25th Feb 2017,
Chief guest Dr Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar Saheb Ex Chief Minister MS, Mrs Ishwari Soman Karatagi Head QA Cipla Mumbai, Mr Rajeev Yeddanapudi Abbott India Limited
Product Manager Cardiac Rhythm Management Mr Mahesh Fulari Head Production Cipla Mumbai Mr Gopal Karatagi MD Lanzer Ltd Mumbai Mr jadhav Shriniwas QA executive Cipla Mumbai
3 24-03-2017 World Tuberculosis Day
4 18-01-2017 Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan is inspired by the vision of transformational change in rural, identifying problems; a workshops have been held in MCP, Nilanga to aware students about Pharmacy Profession and Career Guidance.
5 18-01-2017 The Industry- Institute interaction Programme was organised on 18th January 2017 at the MCP Nilanga campus, which was held by Mr. Vijaykumar Shivpuje, Pharma Literati.
6 17-01-2017 One day seminar on Pharmacovigilance conducted by Mr. Prashant Panchal, was held at MCP, Nilanga.
7 16-01-2017 A Hospital Visit was Conducted by Mr. V. N. Karbhari And Mr. C. V. Thakare with Diploma Students-this event is the ideal opportunity for prospective students to visit the facilities, tour our hospitals, meet staff and faculty, and view live demonstrations.
8 10-01-2017 An Audit was conducted by A.G. Nagpur.
9 23-12-2016 Its proud moment for MCP, Nilanga, that one of our Alumni Dr. Abhay Jere, Organizing Secretary
Smart India Hackathon 2017, sharing this valuable and great content with the public through Facebook Live.
10 20-12-2016 Industry Institute Interaction by Mr. Shriniwas Jadhav, , Q.A. Executive, Cipla Ltd, Rasayani MIDC, Patalganga, Raigad (Panvel).
11 20-09-2016 A Seminar is conducted on Stress Management & Happy Living by the brahma kumaris teachers.
12 17-09-2016 Marathwada Mukti Sangram Din.
13 05-09-2016 "TEACHER'S DAY"
14 03-09-2016 Sakal’s Young Inspirators Network (YIN) Election at MCP, Nilanga.
15 12-08-2016 S R Rangnathan 125th Jayanti Celebrated Librarian V S Gardi,\
Principal Dr B N Poul, teaching faulty, library staff and student were present

18 23-07-2016 ALUMNI REUNION- 1998 BATCH
19 20-04-2016 PHARMIC MAGAZINE ( 2016)
20 16-02-2016 State Level Technical Quiz competition sponsored by MSBTE held on 16th feb 2016
21 16-02-2016 State Level Technical Quiz Competition
22 31-10-2015 Industry Institute Interaction by Dr. Jitendra Amrutkar, Head, Formulation Development, Evonik Research Center India (RCI), Mumbai.
23 10-10-2015 One Day Workshop on "Pharmacovigilance" on 10/10/2015.
24 02-10-2015 Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shastry Jayanti Celebration
25 29-09-2015 Fresher's Party for D.Pharm., B. Pharm. snd M. Pharm students