Central Machine Room

In Charge - Faculty
Mr S S Dudhmal 
Sr Lecture 
Mobile No:9423615187
Mr S V Usnale
Assistant Professor
Mobile No:7588389299

Supporting Staff
Mr S H Kulkarni 
Lab Technician
Mobile No:9421486863
Mr B D Jadhav
Lab. Attendant 
Mobile No:9422649709
General Information
This is Pharmaceutics Lab. Lab is open for D.Pharmacy, B.Pharmacy, M.Pharmacy and Research Scholars.
The details of Lab Instruments and Equipment are available with Mr S H Kulkarni. Students can use the lab Facilities for their projects and Research work. If you want to use this facilities after college timings contact Mr S H Kulkarni and take prior permission and keys of lab. Next morning you have to deposit the keys towards Mr S H Kulkarni.
Equipments and Instruments available in Lab
Ampule filling Devices
Ampule sealing Devices
Ampule Washing Devices
Ball Mill
Collapsible Tube filling Devices
Collapsible Tube sealing Machine
Clarity Test Apparatus
Capsule Filling Machine
Conical percolators
Disintegration Test Apparatus
Distilled water unit  Glass and steel
Friabilator Machine
Hand grading Mill
Heating Mental
karle  Fisher Titrator
Hot Air Oven
Moisture Balance
Steel Filter
Polishing Pan
Sieve Shaker Devices
Sintered Glass Filter
Granulating sieves
Hand operated Tablet Machine
Single Punch Electrical tablet Machine
Ten Station "B" Tooling Tablet Machine
Tincture Press
Tablet Coating pan
Tablet Counting Device
Tablet Hardness tester Monosanto
Tablet Hardness tester Pfizer
Tablet Hardness tester hardcobb
Dissolution Test apparatus
Dry Granulator  
Magnetic Stirrer
Cone Blender 
Vertical Main Drive