Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab 1

In Charge - Faculty
Dr. Lalit Sonawane Mob. 07588519145
Mr A. M Muladkar Mob.9890692163
Mr R. K. Jadhav Mob.9923844115
Mr.G.M Tarange  Mob.09881126500
Mr.A A Aute  Mob.08956715956
Mr.R P Phad  Mob. 08888159722

Supporting Staff
Mr R T Chopane  Lab Attendant  -9422984460
General Information
This is Pharmaceutics Lab. Lab is open for D.Pharmacy, B.Pharmacy, M.Pharmacy and Research Scholars.
The details of Lab Instruments and Equipment are available with Mr R T Chopane. Students can use the lab Facilities for their projects and Research work. If you want to use this facilities after college timings contact Mr R T Chopane and take prior permission and keys of lab. Next morning you have to deposit the keys towards Mr R T Chopane.
Equipments and Instruments available in Lab
Atomic Model
Digital Balance
Analytical balance
Weight Box
Water Bath
Electric water bath
Physical Balance
Suction pump
Ice Bath
Gas Burner
Microwave Oven
Fuming Chamber
Oil Bath
Melting Point apparatus
H2s gas Apparatus 
Hot Air Oven
Heating mantle
Distilled Water Plant / Assembly
Reflex Condenser
Separating Funnel
Thleis Tube  
Round Bottom Flask two Necked
Air Condenser