Pharmaceutics Lab 1

In Charge - Faculty
Mr S S Dudhmal 
Sr. Lecturer  
Mobile. No. 9423615187 e.mail
Mr S V Usnale    
Assistant Professor 
Mobile No. 7588389299 e.mail
Supporting Staff
Mr S H Kulkarni  
Lab Technician
Mobile no. 9412486863
Mr B D Jadhav
Lab Attendant 
Mobile No. 9422649709
General Information
This is Pharmaceutics Lab. Lab is open for D.Pharmacy, B.Pharmacy, M.Pharmacy and Research Scholars.
The details of Lab Instruments and Equipment are available with Mr S H Kulkarni. Students can use the lab Facilities for their projects and Research work. If you want to use this facilities after college timings contact Mr S H Kulkarni and take prior permission and keys of lab. Next morning you have to deposit the keys towards Mr S H Kulkarni.

Equipments and Instruments available in Lab
Distilled  Water Plant
Electronic Balance Contech
Water Bath
Digital PH Meter
Lipstick Moulds
Suppository Moulds
Ointment slabs and spatulas
Morter and Pestals Porcelain 
Morter and Pestals  Glass
Measuring cylinders
Evaporating Dish
Adequate Glassware  
Conical Flasks
Empty Capsules
Empty Collapsible tubs 
Oxygen Gas Cylinder
Ampule Sealing Machine 
Capsule Filling Machine
Granulating Sieves Wooden and Steel