Mr Vijay Patil Nilangekar
Vice President

Our Honorable President of Maharashtra Shikshan Samiti Nilanga Dr Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar Ex- Chief Minister Maharashtra State started Maharashtra college of Pharmacy 31 years ago. The aim and mission behind the opening of such a professional institute in rural area like Nilanga is to educate the youth with such a Noble profession that is our today’s need to serve our country. Many students passed out form this Institution and fulfilled the demand of health Care workers throughout the India and even in abroad also.
Maharashtra College of Pharmacy has a unique history as an Institution. Its product has been known for refinement, modesty and cordiality and for a tradition. While the education here has become very modern and progressive in the last ten years. We have accepted the challenges of Globalization and accordingly we are running on the path successfully
Which will provide talented, hardworking, sincere and skilled employee to the Pharmaceutical Industry. Our today’s product is performing very good job in creating business excellence, new technological advances and unparalleled intellectual capital in pharmaceutical Industry. Our faculties are investing their quality time for developing managerial skill in the student as a key requirement of today’s many multinationals companies.
Students passed out from mcp Nilanga are working thought out the globe at par with the excellence, quality, sincerity, dedication, hard work, and honesty in the different avenues. They have proved that they can bring laurel and make the institution world class. MCP alumni is a kind of brand which can serve their duties with excellent output even in the severe conditions. Ex students are one of the important resource for us to develop and enhance the skill of the existing students. With the help of love and affection, experience and length of service of the ex students, the current students will get the advantage to explore them to focus on the main aim of the career. Since 1981 we are working together for the benefit of students and society.
Thank you
Mr Vijay Patil Nilagekar
Vice President
MSS Nilanga