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    Maharashtra College of Pharmacy
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The Maharashtra College of Pharmacy, an institution has been started under the aegis of Maharashtra Shikshan Samiti was Established by Hon'ble Dr Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar Ex-Chief Minister Maharashtra State, which has completed 41 years of meritorious service and run over 35 institutions.

The institute offers two main courses  Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm) and Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) which were started in the years 1981, 1984, respectively.

Institute has celebrated silver Jubilee Anniversary. Today it is rated among the best in the state. Known for its education and training pharmaceuticals ans research activities. The highly vibrant environment of the institute....

    The College of pharmacy is dedicated to education students to assume roles as competent and ethical profesionals in dynamic health care environments.The curriculum provides professional....

    Giving a highest priority on personal, professional and social with spiritual development of  the student. Creating educational experiences in Pharmacy, which will support....

    The Pharmacy graduates, besides becoming entrepreneurs for small,medium and large scale pharmaceutical industry can join as Hospital Pharmacists, Retail and Community pharmacists, teachers and regulatory....

  • Dr. Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar
  • Mr Vijay Patil Nilangekar
    Vice President
  • Dr Bhagwat N Poul
Alumni Meet / Career Counseling
Cultural Night (Gathering)
Rangoli Inter-Class Compitetion & Funfair
Cricket Championship 2014 (Inter-Class)
Table Tennis & Chess Inter-Class Competition
Shuttle Badminton Inter-Class Competition
Volley Ball Inter-Class Competition
Throw Ball Inter-Class Competition
Quiz & Debate Inter-Class Competition
Republic Day
Industry Institute Interaction by Mr. Nagarjun S.